We analyze projects and offer solutions

We respond to problems reducing costs and workload

What is ilogidis ?

A platform that connects everyone and turns ideas into potential for your organization.



Mobile Apps




Do you want to reduce your costs ?

Automates management and encourages participation

Personalization and free migration of your data

We migrate data from your old software to the new one completely free of charge

Reduce admin workload
Retains talent and knowledge
Increases Productivity
Encourage collaboration
Work with the latest version
Work from anywhere

Proud to your brand

Make your users proud to belong to your brand. Share information, improve communication and encourages participation.





aplicación móvil

Accessible from any device

It's in the cloud, only with an internet connection you can access from any device, PC, laptop, tablet or mobile

Multi-center and Multi-language

No initial investment and immediate availability
Intuitive design, quick accessibility and easy to use
No installation or backup required
100% customizable to the needs of your company
No long term contracts or commitments on your part
Fully secure with SSL protection and encryption


Easily integrates with third-party software

Presence terminal
Access control
Payment gateway
Control of printers

The only platform can be adapted to suit your needs

The platform is already developed, now only we have to adapt it to your needs. Our core values are to have a simple user interface and very easy to use

What customers use our Social Network?

We have customers around the world and thanks to our technology is easily adaptable to the needs of any customer sector, quickly, easily and affordable


As a collaborative social network unifying the internal management of resources, both physical and human


As Social Network for customer loyalty by offering promotions, discounts and exclusivity


As internal Franchising Social Network to share information and improve communication with franchisees

Professional associations

As a professional social network to share information and create a collaborative community

Business Centers

As internal social network for their customers by unifying booking management and billing

Coworking spaces

As a social network to share information unifying reserve management, billing and gamification

Technology parks

Creating a Collaborative Enterprise Network to generate synergies and collaborations in various projects

Innovation centers

Creating a Social Network for sharing ideas, improvements and encourage participation in projects

Training Centers

As internal social network for interaction with teachers and between the students at the school

Sport centers

As a social network by unifying management and courts booking, membership fees and billing

Social clubs

Creating an exclusive Social Network in which to share information and improve internal communication within the club

Startup Accelerators

Creating a collaborative social network where synergies and collaborations arise between entrepreneurs installed

¿Do you want to start today?

Begin to reduce costs now and to make your organization more profitable

Some of our customers

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